Kickstart your Ethereum journey on Microsoft Azure — Part 2

by Pieter Noyens

Kickstart your Ethereum journey on Microsoft Azure — Part 2Refresher

Yo guys! Great to see you here again. Last episode I showed you some of the nice features of Ethereum and its Smart Contracts. For your convenience, I put the complete code package on GitHub for you to download and explore. We’re going to need it this episode for some real hands-on work! Let’s go on to the next phase in our blockchain journey. Here’s a quick overview of what we’re going to do today:Setup an Ethereum PoA private blockchain on Microsoft AzureCompile the Solidity source code of the contracts shown in last episode to deployable Ethereum bytecodeDeploy the contracts on the freshly created consortium blockchain

Let's start!Launching our own Ethereum blockchain on Microsoft Azure

OK nice, so we have our Smart Contract code, yeeha! Now, what do we do with it? Here comes the power of the Ethereum blockchain: we just have to compile them, deploy them, and we’re good to go! For this, we’re going to use the most popular Ethereum API written in Javascript, Web3.js. Web3 illustrates the interpretation of “web 3.0” as perceived by the Ethereum founders, referring to the well known “web 2.0” definition. It originates from the most foundational Ethereum raison d'être: The Decentralized Web. Where traditional blockchain is used to decentralize registrations and asset transactions, Ethereum goes a step further by decentralizing Turing-complete applications that are no longer dependent on centralized servers. Therefore, it coincidentally makes the life of the developer a lot more straight-forward too: we don’t need to maintain any servers for our application. This is all done by the Ethereum network participants and their running nodes. Applications are guaranteed to run as long as some nodes are online, so we are basically ensured of 24/7 availability. On top of that, these decentralized applications — or DApps in short — promise to make the web more democratic than it is today. How great is that?!

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