Using a Mac in a modern .NET world

by Andries Van Humbeeck

Using a Mac in a modern .NET world

I mostly used Windows computers for my work. That changed several years ago when I switched to Linux, and later MacOS. Recently, I joined a team working with .NET core for their back-end. This was the first time I did a project while using a Mac for .NET development, which gave me an excellent opportunity to find out how much Microsoft has done to support other OS’es.

I’ll be talking about what I learned on bootstrapping my local machine when working on a dotnet project on a Mac with a team that works with Windows.Getting started

As all of my other team members are using Windows for development, I had to figure it out myself to get everything up and running on my local machine. For the sake of simplicity, the tech stack can be summarised as follows:front-end (angular 5)back-end (dotnet core 2.0, with some other dotnet standard projects)database (sql server)

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