Blockchain Unwired

Come and find out if and how blockchain is affecting all of us in our day to day life

Blockchain Unwired

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Can you imagine buying your beer in a bar with bitcoin instead of ending up with a pocket full of coins? Is this technology really going to disrupt the world we know? And how will it affect different fields of work? Sure, central banks are already using blockchain in their processes but can you imagine your grandma buying her bread at the bakery using crypto’s? What about a world where governments don’t exist anymore, but decisions are made through self-governing, liquid democracy enabled blockchain systems?

Have you always wondered what blockchain really is about? Is it more than just a crypto hype? Join us at GroepT on December 3 to learn all about how blockchain will affect your field of study. From novice to expert, everyone is welcome! Pick and choose which session you’d like to attend, and enjoy some free drinks and food in between. The same 6 sessions will be held each round. We’ll end the evening with a debate discussing different cases where blockchain hype & reality meet.


Datum & Tijd

03/12/18 - 19:30


Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven

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